Prime Minister Robert Abela commends the Group’s role in job creation during visit

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela recently paid a visit to The Food Factory operated by James Caterers Limited in Bulebel. During his visit, Abela engaged in constructive discussions with both employees and management, focusing on the expansion plans of the company and its implications for job creation in different economic sectors.

Abela highlighted the significance of strengthening investment to improve the situation for workers and to offer them opportunities for progression. He affirmed the Government’s dedication to fostering an environment that supports investment, which includes strategic initiatives such as subsidies aimed at stabilising energy prices. Abela further elaborated that such measures would yield positive outcomes for workers and their families impacted by global conditions. Additionally, he emphasised the importance of sustainable operations and unveiled additional incentives for promoting sustainable practices.

“These steps will create more quality job opportunities and improve the lives of families in Malta,” Abela remarked.

Joining the Prime Minister on his visit were government MPs Omar Farrugia and Cressida Galea.