Group to invest €15 million in its production facility

In an ambitious move to expand its production capabilities, James Caterers Limited has announced a substantial investment of €15 million in its factory over the next two years. The investment aims to expand its production facility by over 6,000 square meters on an area of 1,800 square meters.


Presently, the company boasts an output of more than 17,500 meals per day. However, with this expansion, it has set its sight even higher, with aspirations to scale up production to a staggering 50,000 meals daily. This significant boost in production capacity is aimed at catering for both local and foreign markets.

The existing factory, sprawling over an impressive 23,000 square meters, has been instrumental in establishing the Group’s reputation for quality and efficiency. With a total investment of €35 million already allocated to the facility, this new infusion of funds highlights the company’s commitment to continual growth and innovation. The expansion project is anticipated to bring about an additional influx of employment opportunities, further solidifying the Group’s role as a contributor to Malta’s economic development.

Waistnot launches its vegan range

Waistnot, Malta’s favourite low-calorie portioned ready-made meals, is proud to unveil its latest innovation: Plant-Based Meals. With a commitment to providing flavourful, quality dishes that are under 500 calories, Waistnot continues to redefine convenience.


Responding to the growing demand for vegan options, Waistnot has launched plant-based alternatives to two of its most beloved meat-based offerings, utilising the power of pea protein. The result? Irresistible dishes that boast little to no difference in taste compared to their meat counterparts.

Packed with plant-powered ingredients, these meals are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients, making them the perfect choice for vegans and flexitarians.

Prime Minister Robert Abela commends the Group’s role in job creation during visit

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela recently paid a visit to The Food Factory operated by James Caterers Limited in Bulebel. During his visit, Abela engaged in constructive discussions with both employees and management, focusing on the expansion plans of the company and its implications for job creation in different economic sectors.

Abela highlighted the significance of strengthening investment to improve the situation for workers and to offer them opportunities for progression. He affirmed the Government’s dedication to fostering an environment that supports investment, which includes strategic initiatives such as subsidies aimed at stabilising energy prices. Abela further elaborated that such measures would yield positive outcomes for workers and their families impacted by global conditions. Additionally, he emphasised the importance of sustainable operations and unveiled additional incentives for promoting sustainable practices.

“These steps will create more quality job opportunities and improve the lives of families in Malta,” Abela remarked.

Joining the Prime Minister on his visit were government MPs Omar Farrugia and Cressida Galea.

Waistnot Announces that Products are Now Available in Several Countries Across the Globe

Waistnot, a company producing nutritious, frozen, ready-made meals, is announcing that its products are now available in several countries across the globe. These frozen meals all contain less than 500 calories, are made with no preservatives, and offer a taste that is restaurant-worthy. Waistnot meals are heated in a microwave or in an oven from frozen and are ready in less than 7 minutes. Interest in these ready-made meals has grown from nationwide to worldwide since Waistnot was founded 18 months ago. The company expects to grow the brand both horizontally by looking to expand in new countries, as well as vertically by adding additional products to the range within the same concept, including desserts, soups, and snacks.

Waistnot, Monday, March 13, 2023, Press release picture

“Our affordable meals are being purchased in all walks of life, from students, offices, families to manual laborers,” said Joseph Barbara, founder of Waistnot. “We offer protein, vegan, and vegetarian options, and all of our meals are FMCG products with several global certifications, including Hallal.”

About: JCL Holdings the company that owns Waistnot was founded 30 years ago by James Barbara from the southern part of Malta, Europe. JCL Holdings has grown to a multinational one with interests in several industries, including the manufacturing of FMCG products. The Waistnot team embarked on a months-long research and development project to create the perfect ready-made meal that anyone can afford, with a challenge to ensure the quality of the product is that of a freshly prepared meal. Premium ingredients are used in an efficient method to transmit this cost saving element of a high value meal that is to be sold at a reasonably good price. Other brands within the manufacturing arm of the company include Jamesbury, a range of frozen and dry desserts as well as Nonna Sunta, a range of frozen filled pastas and Italian nibbles.

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